Build the capacity of the City of Wyndham


· Grow the Committee for Wyndham member-base to enable us to effectively influence and change public policy where appropriate. We achieve this by lobbying local, State and Federal Governments on key strategic projects and initiatives impacting our region


· A clear strategic framework for the Committee for Wyndham to ensure that all of our strategic projects have a direct impact on the future economic, social and cultural wellbeing of the broader Wyndham community


· Advocacy around a broad range of objectives - for investment, local employment, education and leadership together with support of relevant Council initiatives and community responses to Government enquiries, forums and papers


· Ensure ongoing and effective communications, enquiries, forums and media capabilities – including making people aware of the need to grow the "Wyndham" brand

Events Management:

· Events, Forums and Functions – to raise awareness of the Committee for Wyndham and the broader Wyndham business community by providing networking and information opportunities

Member Services:

· To constantly review and improve on the range and number of member benefits and services offered to our diverse member-base. This will be achieved by ensuring that we continually communicate with our members to define and refine our core services