Build Employment, Locally and Regionally

Strategic Input into Major Employment Growth Projects:

· Regular reports are submitted to government departments such as the Growth Areas Authority and State Government, most recently in relation to a multi-billion dollar major project for the region, the East Werribee Employment Precinct draft Structure Plan

· 68 major recommendations for State Government consideration regarding the East Werribee Employment Precinct draft Master Plan were submitted

Diversity of Employment:

· The Committee for Wyndham continually drives initiatives that promote diversity of employment (such as large businesses, head offices, public and private employers and Government instrumentalities)

Economic Growth:

· We actively strive to identify existing business clusters that hold plausible potential for economic growth and diversification and set a platform for higher value growth through innovation export-orientated and global engagement

Creating employment opportunities for the local workforce:

· We work with the Wyndham and the South West municipalities; to lobby government to focus on investing in the next economy and also ensuring lower income people are connected to it

Thought Leaders in Job Creation:

· We work towards:

  • building a stronger export economy
  • providing greater support for innovation and entrepreneurship
  • helping new ideas become businesses
  • helping manufacturers stay on the cutting edge
  • building on the regions clear economic strengths
  • helping young and incumbent workers get the skills and education the next economy employers need
  • building a more co-ordinated workforce training and delivery system
  • improving lower income workers ability to get the next economy jobs
  • focusing on growth and employment through a polycentric structure
  • generating the highest and best returns from private and public assets
  • ensuring transit connects employees to labour