Vision Snapshot

The Committee's Vision, Mission and Objectives are:

"To be widely recognised as Wyndham's peak community and business group working in partnership and cooperation with other groups and organisations to represent the social, environmental, economic and cultural wellbeing and interests of the broader Wyndham community."

This is characterised by our drive for:

  • a safe and healthy environment
  • increased local employment
  • sustainable transport systems
  • low-carbon circular economy
  • orderly and transparent planning
  • a responsive public service.

We achieve this by:

  • working successfully with local councils and government
  • building relationships with the Victorian & Federal Governments and relevant regional peak bodies
  • building individual relationships with politicians and bureaucrats both at state and federal level through deputations, delegations, submissions, official visits and at important official openings and parliamentary hearings
  • participating in major reference organisations, stakeholder and consultative forums
  • focusing on identified concerns affecting our community and broader businesses.

The Committee's Advocacy Strategy initiatives and practices act as a voice on behalf of residents and businesses in the Wyndham region. Some of the Committee's Advocacy practices include but are not limited to:

1. Lobbying the State and Federal Governments to provide suitable and relevant funds for community initiatives that support critical major projects
2. Lobbying for funding from Governments to cater for special needs in growth areas related to transport, education, health and housing
3. Working with members and business to attract employment and economic development to the region
4. Working with local Councils to support broader strategies for the development of Western Melbourne and the Geelong corridor
5. Ongoing consultation and engagement of our membership group and broader key contact group consisting of passionate community and business leaders that are seeking an objective voice to represent their interests.

Short-Term Action Plan

  • Members will be at the heart of everything we do and we will continually establish new taskforces to plan and deliver our policy development, events and advocacy around our objectives.
  • We will provide members with an effective conduit for communications with government and the voice in the public arena.
  • We will provide events and networking opportunities with key decision makers, politicians and industry peers
  • We will implement strong communication tools, including the website, to provide an interactive platform for members, stakeholders and the wider public
  • With our focus on Wyndham and the South Western region we will take a strategic long term view of all issues affecting our community – outside the normal electoral cycles.