About Us

Short Term Action Plan

Established in 1998 as a civic membership-based association, the Committee for Wyndham brings together influential business and community organisations to work together to promote and enhance the social, environmental, economic and cultural wellbeing of the broader Wyndham community.

The Committee is an apolitical, not-for-profit association that promotes wholesome, beneficial regional growth and looks strategically at priority issues which impact beyond the short-term electoral cycles. Uniquely placed within the fastest growing region in Australia, Wyndham needs to confront urgent and pressing matters of infrastructure, density and the creation of localised employment and economies to ensure the realisation of a 'world class' future City.

We will seek to continue to advocate and lobby on behalf of business and the community by working together to realise the objectives of supporting and creating a liveable future City, including all of the opportunities and challenges this presents. We will do this through the raising of public awareness and by advocating for improved regional planning and social investment in our future. By doing this, we can make tangible contributions to where we all live, work, nurture and develop.

Our Focus

Since our foundation, the Committee has played an important role in the positive change and ongoing development and transformation of the Wyndham region. Our commitment to advocating and lobbying on behalf of our community and business members spans a number of political cycles, economic and cultural change. As an a-political association the Committee takes a long-term strategic view by actively participating in advocacy-based strategic initiatives in order to influence public policy and resource allocation for the betterment of existing and future residents and businesses located in Wyndham.

This is characterised by a continual drive for a healthy, liveable and safe environment, greater local employment, improved sustainable transport systems, a low carbon circular economy, orderly and timely planning and responsive public services for Wyndham and the South West Region.

Urbanisation has the potential to correlate not only with sustainability but also with wealth creation, social tolerance and improved living standards.

Advocacy Practices

The Committee's Advocacy Strategy initiatives and practices act as a voice on behalf of residents and businesses in the region. Some of the Committee's Advocacy practices include but are not limited to:

1. Working with members, business and industry to attract employment and economic development to the region

2. Lobbying the State and Federal Governments to provide suitable and relevant funds for community initiatives that support critical major projects such as the East Werribee Employment Precinct (creation of 50,000 jobs)

3. Lobbying for funding from Governments to cater for special needs in growth areas related to transport, education, health and housing

4. Working with local Councils to support broader strategies for the development of western Melbourne and the Geelong corridor

5. Ongoing consultation and engagement of our membership group and broader key contact group consisting of passionate community, business and industry leaders that are seeking an objective voice to represent their interests

Our Future Direction

In the coming months the Committee will work with its members to define and refine the core strategic and operational direction of our association. We have numerous initiatives and projects underway that will improve communication and the transfer of information to all of our members throughout our region.

We have the benefit of having a dedicated team of professionals amongst our board and in the administration and support office. Whilst our initial focus for the association will be introspective in nature, the by-products and effects of the internal change management practices will have a substantial impact on the way we conduct business as we move forward.

We have acknowledged that whilst our association has achieved some outstanding results over our fifteen (15) year history, we can provide a more distinct focus on one specific area of our operations, Member Services. A core focus of the Committee will be to develop and implement an entirely new strategy, services and benefits program for our valued members. We have the potential to vastly expand upon our member-base and acknowledge that this can only be achieved via an overt redirection of some of our core thinking and practices.

The other key objectives of our association: advocacy, lobbying and networking for substantial community and business changes will continue as a matter of course.

We have some exciting times ahead for our association. We look forward to working with you as we build the foundation of a true membership-based association. One that will give back to its members as it continues to grow and reinvest in its own growth charter.